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A popular modern day dance moves usually to rap music. Originated by the African American culture. Also referred to as stab. When you Bend your elbows and lift your leg for a few seconds to match the beat.

1) Bring your arms up as if you are showing your muscles

2) lift up your leg and lean your back slightly.

Make sure to be confident while doing it or you will get roasted.

Also make sure you are on beat.
I heard chief keep come on so I hit the folks.

"I'ma whip then dab, pipe it up then stab" (when he says stab is when you would hit the folks)
by Therealbbyg August 25, 2016
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it is a dance move in the 2015-2016 year where you cross your arms twice and then you pull your leg up. look it up on YouTube and it will show you how to do it
dude I bet you can't hit the folks like me
by whip September 05, 2016
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Popular dance move involving crossing your arms and flexing like you just came out the gym at an odd angle.
Yo my homie just hit the folks .
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by I AM THE ULTIMATE July 14, 2017
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