1) pure science of studying tissues (biology/anatomy). Requires careful analysis. Only a flop would repeat this.
Yo man histology is tough!
Yeah man i hope i passed that exam!
by mike james bitch October 10, 2006
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1: A look into the fasinating world of different bodily tissues, and how they work/interact with each other.

2: The absolute worst class any biology-related major will ever take; the kind that is necessary for several disciplines, but supremely boring and detail-oriented to the point of soul-crushing, mind-numbing horror. This is the kind of class that smart people hate.
Me: Hey dude you wanna hit up Magnolia's and mack on some cupcakes?
You: {drools, vacant stare straight ahead}
Me: Oh no, you've been studying for our upcoming histology exam, haven't you?
You: {no change in previous behavior}
Me: Sigh... I've lost another esteemed colleague and valued friend to the depressing hole which is the study of Histology :(
by A nonni moose February 07, 2011
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person A: what are you doing bro?
Person B:studying histology.
Person A:oh no ,get some help!
by Micropizza May 01, 2021
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