noun. A sudden outburst of temper, often used to describe female anger at something trivial. Originally regional from American South. Thought to originate from contraction of "hysterical fit."
She threw a hissy fit when she found out the last pair of shoes had been sold.
by frannyd22 September 28, 2003
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Just because I forgot your birthday, theres no reason to throw a Hissy Fit
by SteveDave May 9, 2003
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A sudden but violent outburst of a person shouting, screaming recriminations and (possibly) wailing, generally short-lived but shocking.

"Hissy fit" used to describe an adult tantrum but now has become an equal opportunity description, young or old, male or female. What they all have in common is no matter how severe the (alleged) offense, there is always some wounded pride involved, and usually an audience of bystanders along with the culprit who allegedly triggered the hissy.

-- "When I told Sarah she couldn't have the doll, she broke down and pitched a major hissy fit. Right there in the toy department at Target!"

--"So when Joe got fired, all he did was throw a hissy fit out in the hall? Terrible. REAL men used to slug each other."

--"She freaked! She had a hissy! She thinks you're the cat's meow." 'Farmer Ted' (Anthony Michael Hall) in movie SIXTEEN CANDLES (1984), describing the Molly Ringwald character's sudden infatuation with a boy two years her senior.

by al-in-chgo February 26, 2010
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An extraordinarily annoying term used to describe a temper tantrum.
Person 1: Yeah, he was having a hissy fit
Person 2: Quit saying that, it makes you sound like a moron.
by woo hoo hissy fit May 8, 2007
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a prolonged outburst of hissing by a cat.
Tweety, my late calico cat, constantly hissed at the other cats in the house. We called her Madame Hissy Fit as a result.
by Stop the pendulum January 12, 2006
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hissy-fit: Noun, singular and plural possible.

An hysterical rant or tantrum, particularly one completely at odds with the gravity of the situation being protested. Often involves stamping of feet, whining, biting, clawing, and loud, obnoxious, screaming tears. One may "have" or "pull" a hissy-fit.

Children under the age of four tend to collapse into hissy-fits when confronted with adversity, but hissy-fits are by no means limited to a certain age group or gender.
The spoiled child had a hissy-fit when he couldn't take the kangaroo home.
by The Foul Bay Hero February 22, 2004
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