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1. A woman with a very large clitoris.
2. A fat and bitchy hypocrite.
1. Don't worry, sounds like she had a hippoclit, no wonder she couldn't feel anything down there.
2. You're such a hippoclit, insulting people for doing something and then doing the same thing later on.
by sonapers July 05, 2011
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Hilarious play on the word hypocrite.

Part of Speech: noun
Definition: person who pretends, is deceitful
Friend A: "Did you hear that Sarah Palin's family used to seek medical attention in Canada when she was growing up? Is it just me, or is she not vehemently opposed to 'socialized medicine?'"

Friend B: "Yeaaaah...everybody knows that fucker is a hippoclit."
by ChaChing! December 12, 2010
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ramming the clit with a hard object, like a hippo would
man i gave that girl the ol' hippoclit and she made the o face oooooo ooooo
by dave November 04, 2003
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