a round fat object which is very peculiar it hobbles around and has a raging temper it also likes to show it backside off frequently. It is very fat and likes eating cake and pies and the odd human
gangsta1: quick run hingle is chasing after us blud manz is gonna munch us up

gangsta2: ah running is long ting blud low dat

gangsta1: hey manz is gna eat us tho ahhhh suit ur self its every manz 4 himself
by jack brown May 8, 2007
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"Oh my god, did you know Shamu's hingle is 8 feet!?"
by ILOVEHINGLE January 14, 2010
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Abbreviation for the term "Hi and Good Luck!" used by people playing online games. Also referred to as hingle or hi gl
>neeceybee> Hi and Good Luck!

>nickpickle> hingle

>hondapilot> hi please be my friend! I used to do the law thing!

>alexsmom> Hi losers! Be prepared to die with my incessant whining when I lose! GOOD LUCK!

>SillySword Master> hingl
by Denise Boswell April 24, 2006
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The byproduct of a naturally occurring Spengfling infection of reality within the Xeuron Straight. Hingle fibers are one of two key ingredients used in the creation of Joshua Beetles, the other of which being Polynus Putty.
I collected a handful of Hingle Fibers while visiting the Xeuron Straight this weekend.
by Gonars Banking May 29, 2021
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