A hermetic hunk. His awkwardly shy around girls but his friggin' adorable. Hikmat has never had a girlfriend because his too anxious to start a conversation to ask her out. Hikmat has a dry and quirky sense of humor who thinks of things that are funny and strange. His one of a kind dork who likes to read and write poetry. His truly gifted. His thoughtful, kind and caring. I have a crush on Hikmat and I think he knows. If he doesn't make a move soon, I'm going to have to lure him to my condo and suck that virgin dick till he cums like a tsunami.
Hikmat is so cute, his my type of guy.
by Thegirlfromhismathsclass December 05, 2017
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a person whos breathe smells like shit and is very disgustung that u can smell it from miles
that person breathe smells like shit. he msut be a HIKMAT
by star101 March 30, 2009
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