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A game that started out as a fun MOBILE METAVERSE targeted towards teens and tweens, but has now formed into a mod neglected breeding ground for child predators, racists, sexists, heterosexists (aka homophobes), transphobes, misogynists, and more. Management continues to refuse to improve the game and market and choose to ban and suspend POC players for speaking out. The avatars look like babies and Highrise is a huge money trap and you just cant stop playing and wanting to buy things. It's incredibly money dominated and doesn't even look nice. The community is toxic.
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by Sapphire22d April 18, 2022
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An ''MMO'' virtual world filed with drama, scamming, hacking, loading issues, laggy gameplay, poor avatars with egg heads, poorly designed clothing, ripped off features, bullying, child predators, and ugliness. The main highlight of this wonderful game is the never ending loading screen and the egg head stick figure avatars that look like zombies on meth. The gameplay is four chat rooms behind some cheaply made 2D art.
by Sapphire22d April 18, 2022
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by Sapphire22d April 17, 2022
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