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The Highriser, also known as B. Fischer.

In the USA they call him the Highriser,
you know why!

Sometimes appears shortened as HGHRSR.

Many women committed suicide when rumors
were around the Highriser had married
Miss World 2003, which was proven wrong
by the Highriser himself when he told
the public in a 'time' interview that
she just was some one-night-stand, and
that at that time he din't even know
she was miss world.

Also used in colloquial language,
especially in connection with a good
feeling or an accomplished goal.
"Tonight i was risin' high like the Highriser!"

"I felt like the Highriser when she gave
me a kiss"
by apseudonym November 28, 2004
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Mel is nice and caring guy possibly a Leo, he is very out going, funny and charming. In the future he might be famous in sports or music and/or maybe actor. They are very successful in the future, so keep them close, very friendly to and loves animals. But are some flaws they might get angry very quickly for the wrong reasons, but you have to still understand

Enjoy them while they are with you.
guy #1: Holy shit dude did u see the guy named mel girl#1: OMG! Mel is so hot

guy#2: yeah man hes chill girl#2: Yeah! let me introduce you to him.
by apseudonym August 9, 2019
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When one’s assertions, conclusions or pronouncements of, or about a subject are formulated on such profoundly flawed logic, that it deserves, at best, a response of explosive laughter.
Tim’s claim that “if you find someone falling off a stage humorous,

and the person broke some ribs
Then you are also laughing at any person who has been beaten or robbed for money and had a rib broken”, was such a brilliant display of laugic, that sally was uncontrollably laughing for a full minute.
by apseudonym July 30, 2018
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