To heavily be under the influence of marijuana that all you can say is you are indeed high as a bitch. This is usually pared with squinting of the eyes and excessive consumption of junk food. Not to be confused with the similar yet different high as fuck
Guy number 1. “Dog, I’m straight up high as a bitch”

Guy number 2. “I know fam, you’ve said that 3 times in the last 25 minutes”

Guy number 1. “My bad bro, you know how I get when I’m high as a bitch”

Guy number 2. “4 times...”
by Unlimitedpower May 1, 2019
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noun: a girl who requires a great of maintainance i.e. dates, gifts, calls, etc. in order that you can continue dating/fucking her.
Adam girlfriend is a high maintainance bitch. If he doesn't drop at least $50 on her a week she won't give up the punani.
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003
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Someone that has lived life so spoiled they dont know normal. Also known as spoiled
She only flys 1st class, she is such a high class bitch.
by Real HCB February 23, 2019
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A girl, who when dating is constantly trying to escalate the relationship prematurely by being a boss woman or acting like its a done deal.
This is a high stepping bitch thinking I am going to spend the weekend with her parents.
by GChild July 26, 2014
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When someone’s voice rises while making a derogatory comment, or complaint, about another person.
Can also be used as an observation on another person, i.e. someone who is stressed and ranting. Also referred to as 'H-B'
"Wow, get her, she's being a bit High-bitched."
"That's a little bit H-B don't you think?"
by Cas de-Wale November 3, 2008
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A grade A+++ Internet troll who is mostly likely female and acts like either a grammar nazi or some kind of extremist, usually targets people who are autistic, furries or bronies/pegasisters. Is on several occassions extremely hypocritical, as in - you can't make fun of her but she can make fun of you whenever she wants.

Mostly found on sites like the Encyclopedia Dramatica forums and targetting anyone on the acceptable targets list including the afformentioned, is mostly a hateful female most likely on her period or suffering from PMS if they're an adult, or just acting all bratty and superior to everyone else if they are a teenager.

Can be also seen lurking on youtube posting the numerous 'Just Kill yourself' comments.
"I talked to Jen on facebook and she told me to kill myself."
"Don't listen to her, she's a Grand High Bitch"
by MM132 January 5, 2014
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Born from a typo my friend had on msn conversation ... means a bitch who shouts at a high pitch.
what a high-bitched bitch.... i oughta kick her @$$ and use Quan Chi fatality from mortal kombat 4 to finish her off ;P
by Hannieee October 24, 2010
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