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The most vile and unforgiving insult one could possibly utter in the 1800’s. Compared to the modern day “fuck you” or “eat shit
Excuse me sir, could you spare just a bit of chowder? It’s been a bug to get a meal since the factory up and shut down.

Why don’t you get a job? There will be no hand outs or free bites. Good Afternoon to you sir.
by Unlimitedpower November 21, 2022
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When someone is aimlessly scorlling Facebook in a good mood a decides to go about liking ever staus they read that either makes them chuckle, smile, think or is visually appealing. Liking binges can happen without one even realizing it before it becomes awkward.
“Bro I’m trying to fuck Amanda. She liked my Status!”

“Naw man she’s like mine, Jamal, John and Carlos bro. She’s just on a liking binge
by Unlimitedpower April 18, 2019
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Female team members at the department store Target that are sexy in appearance and generally portray promiscuous behavior. They can come in all heights, races and age but are usually between 18 and 30.
Guy number 1: “Yo man, we need ping pong balls for beerpong at the party tonight. Should we swing by Walmart?

Guy number 2: Naw fam. Let’s go to Target before they close. Maybe we can pickup some Target hoes to come with us.

Guy number 1: yeah you right my g
by Unlimitedpower April 19, 2018
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To heavily be under the influence of marijuana that all you can say is you are indeed high as a bitch. This is usually pared with squinting of the eyes and excessive consumption of junk food. Not to be confused with the similar yet different high as fuck
Guy number 1. “Dog, I’m straight up high as a bitch”

Guy number 2. “I know fam, you’ve said that 3 times in the last 25 minutes”

Guy number 1. “My bad bro, you know how I get when I’m high as a bitch”

Guy number 2. “4 times...”
by Unlimitedpower May 1, 2019
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A metaphor used to describe that something is unanimously and for sure certain. It originated from the phrase “hands down” which means essentially the same. The term 6:30 refers to the two hands on an analog clock both pointing down when the time is 6:30.
Damn you hear that new album? The best track has gotta be “Miss Steps” all the way 6:30.

6:30? What?

Hands down homie. No doubt about it.
by Unlimitedpower May 1, 2023
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