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High grade fi eva ah nuh bush(regs) weed neva.
by sam November 07, 2003
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When your excited about something. Or to show approval in what someone is saying.
"Girl that party was high grade poppin last night, we have to go again!"

Bro 1: "Hey you Wanna get food?"
Bro 2: "high grade"
by Kwintyn10 January 04, 2017
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Jamaican potois for Chronic.
You no u fi badman outta nah dub c gotta di riginal high grade ah ya fi na?
by NIGGA DUB April 09, 2006
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to steal product/merchandise from an employer
When he was working in the mine, he highgraded some gold ore in his lunchbox
by krayon October 16, 2007
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