teh cutest-est thing it teh world :)
aww..look..its hidey..how cute.:)
by umm... June 15, 2004
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hidey is funny and cools.. and is owned by kafwin :(
looks! it's hidey!! *says hi*
by ryan December 23, 2004
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My bish. I mean c'mon, over 6 months now. How kcikass is that.
Hidey is my bish. You touch, you die.
by kathryn December 9, 2004
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Pronounced hid-ee-eye....the plural form of hidious
One ugly girl is hidious... but a group of ugly girls is just hidei.
"My eyes are bleeding from that hidei group of girls"
by intoxicated gurlie May 28, 2007
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Hidey is the type of girl who lies, She acts like a kind, caring, and loving person. When really she’s a black haired Mexican lying bitch, never trust a girl named Hidey if so you’re in trouble.
Person 1- Wow that girl sounds like a Hidey!
Person 2- yep she is one black haired bitch!
by Cool Guys 23 June 4, 2019
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A group of hideous people ...(more so women) that hang out together. A group of unattrative people which form in groups.
Id get laid tonight, but this bar is full of hidei.
by Killsta February 3, 2010
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