A romantic attraction to a member of the opposite sex, can include sexual attraction or not.

In the case of asexuals, heteromantic would mean they have romantic feelings towards the opposite sex, but not any sexual desire.

The desire for a romantic relationship with someone of the opposite sex
I am physically attracted to both males and females, but am only really interested in dating males. So I am bisexual but heteromantic.
by MALM May 5, 2012
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Someone who is romantically attracted to the opposite gender, but does not feel any sexual attraction towards them, and who has sexual attraction towards the same gender
Joe: Hey bro, I bet you could fuck her if you wanted!
Josh: Nah, not interested in females. At least not having sex with them.

Joe: Wait, so are you gay?

Josh: No, I feel romantic feelings for girls, But I don't want to have sex with them. But I am willing to have sex with another male.

Joe: So you're heteromantic homosexual.

by Meh3560503p2p February 27, 2017
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When two straight men are fond of each other and can hug without getting hard ons.
2 dudes getting married, that doesn’t sound gay... more heteromantic.
by One21jiggawatts January 28, 2019
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Kiki, heteromantic bisexul is not a real sexuality. stop being homophobic and go fuck yourself.
Kiki: I'm heteromantic bisexual!

Literally anyone: heteromantic bisexuality is acephobic and not a real thing, go touch some grass.
by The Cheesy Creamers February 28, 2021
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