Acid wash jeans, old reeboks or nikes, loonggg dirty hair, listens to classic rock. conservative.
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there may be an actual holy triumvirate of hesher movies which will visually assist the previous spot-on, classic definitions. i am aware of two such offerings which can do the word justic: "airheads" and "river's edge". runner-up but only peripherally: elements of "talk radio". "hesher" is sometimes confused with or used as a synonym for "hair farmer".
"crispin glover certainly makes a convincing hesher dude, dude."
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
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Hesher means Hesher. Lots of people go hesher. If you dont go hesher fyou
He was hesher
by SwaggyKush October 12, 2016
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A hesher is a person who refuses to get with the times. They are living in at least a decade or 2 behind the rest of us with there hair styles and clothing. There are also times when the person is so out of touch they may even look as though they are from a different century. There is the "Pioneer Hesher", and my favorite "The Colonial Hesher" who sports side beard chops and look like a founding father or something.
That cat was such a hesher, he was wearing a Member's Only jacket and had a Jerry curl.
by Gigi Holmes February 02, 2010
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Anyone who only listens to music from their teens and twenties. They can be heard saying:
"You call this crap music, man?"

"When I was young, we had real music man. Stuff you can feel man."
"Kids today only listen to corporate made bull, man."
Dude, your dad is such a hesher.
Look at all the heshers smoking in front of the 80's club!
Nothing sadder than a balding hesher, please get a hair cut.
by nippydreadlocks January 11, 2018
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