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A misspelling of Hennessy, a Cognac liquor somewhat recently popularized by Tupac Shakur and several other performers. As listed in urbanDictionary, evidence of the mentality of many consumers of said liquor.
"LOL **** this henessy crunk I poured got me royally ****ed up over here!!!"
"It's Hennessy, and Red Bull and Cognac don't mix, dip****."
"what the f*** your problem man? it all good"
"Not if you're making it out of my fridge."
by Alfred F. March 22, 2007
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A popular drink, most often talked about in the late Tupac Shakur's songs, could be mixed with Gin and other sort of drinks such as Red Bull. Very commonly talked about by rappers...
Let me sip some of that Henessy.
by G-Tea August 27, 2006
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