A beautiful 240 acre campus right outside of New York City. It ranks top in the nation for business, communications, education and liberal arts and sciences offering over 140 majors. It has hosted large events such as the third Presidential Debate, Gubernatorial Debate, and Live at 75 with Trey Songz and Jimmy Fallon. Hofstra is an incredible place to be.
Kid 1: What is the best campus you have visited when looking for schools?

Kid 2: I liked a lot of them, but Hofstra University was definitely my favorite!
by I<3HU November 8, 2010
(a) A private university located in Hempstead, NY.It is located on Long Island and filled with DRAMA.

(b) It is very easy to get booty in Hofstra because girls are easy.
"I went to Hofstra and hooked up with a guy who lied about having a girlfriend. so much drama!"
by Mookie February 1, 2005