a stupid but yet funnier word for male.
is it a hemale or a shemale?
by Papag October 9, 2006
Often used to describe a person who takes something too seriously, Hemal is a widely used word in the Hindu language, "Gujarati". In fact, Hemal can be used in many different ways. It is considered a noun, verb, and an adjective.
After losing the game, Namit acted like a serious Hemal and threw a beer bottle at Tej. (noun)

After Ajay and Nimesh made fun of his middle toe, Anand became very Hemalish and cussed them out. (Adjective)

Everyone watched as the boy played basketball with only 2 girls, but acted like he was playing for the USA Olympics team. He definitely Hemaled it. (Verb)

by Robert Wilkie September 13, 2006
A Sexy gujrati male. Typically curly hair and a whole ton of sexiness. Large amounts of body hair on the pubes making him even more sexy.
"Did you see Hemal yesterday?' He was looking too sexy."
by December 18, 2020
Basically the opposite of a shemale. A dude with a vagina.
Did you know that john over there is a hemale?
by SpartanlordPDG May 9, 2018
English slang derived from the Hindi word "Hemal". It has taken on the meaning of someone who is boring or dumb. When someone calls you hemal it's equal to calling you a "b*tch". Rude slang. Very new slang.
Guy a: That guy is such a hemal bro.
Guy b: I know he's so retarded.
by impnarc December 29, 2017
Hemale is a word used to describe a man that is extremely emotional, rude, manipulative and disrespectful. A hemale is a toxic man.
That dude is acting like a real hemale right now.
by Darkaprilmoon August 1, 2020
1. One of these increasingly verbose ways of saying male
2. a good name for a b-movie version of he-man possibly porn
Steve: Did you see that new season of Hemale

Johnny: Oh yeah the one on Pornhub
Steve: No...
by Kepper7 May 28, 2018