A funny demon show about the demons, one can have outfit, on can is wolf, one can sing and one does the killing. the outfit one fucked a owl man for magic book (he has red cock). is in universe of the hazbin hotel ltd.
by ohohohohohoohohohoohoohohohoho November 29, 2019
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a good six episode series on youtube and other platforms
helluva boss is a animated series for adults but kids like us watch it.
by i.like.bees. October 6, 2021
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A decent show on Youtube about a Hitmen business named "The IMP (The Immediate Murder Perfectionals)."
Made by the same creator who created Hazbin Hotel and the show is also written by Brandon Rogers.

It's this squad of demons that just kill humans but in entertaining ways; just imagine it as Hitman 3 but the bugs are intentionally funny
The 5 main characters are:
Blitzø (aka brandon rogers), Loona (aka a minecraft wolf), Moxxie (aka invader zim), Millie (aka sandy cheeks), and Stolas (aka the horny ass bird)

The lore/plot of the show is still getting developed as each episode gets released but as of right now, it's alright.
The show gets a lot of flag for its "corny" humor sometimes but the jokes can be creative half of the time even if they aren't that humorous.

Overall, a decent show that's free on Youtube (also this show gets alot of rule34, i only made this just so i can say this.)
John: Have you seen Helluva Boss, Jane?
Jane: That Brandon Rogers shit?
John: Yeah. The one show with the demons.
Jane: Doesn't that one furry get a helluva a lot of rule34?
John: what
by GregBuisha March 5, 2022
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usually "not very good", "weak", "lacking in substance"
Commonly used in the UK during mid 70s as a disparaging adjective. However, occasionally could be used to describe rock music in a less negative manner, in which context it can also imply "gentle" or "sensitive"
The opposite was generally hellish beef
Barker: "what kind of sounds do you dig, man?
"Oh, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Heep .... any hellish beef stuff really"
"Yeah me too, Zep are the men - I even like their helluva tame stuff on Zep 3"
Tender: "Wheyyy.... look at that guy with the hellish beef prime Plant locks over there!"
Barker: "Yeah, he looks beef but he's carrying a helluva tame Cat Stevens album under his arm"
by Llep Iorwyn July 24, 2006
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A very shitty tv show that should be extinguished from the face of the planet
“Hey dude did you see the new helluva boss episode ?”

Shut the fuck up , Dave”

“Yeah doom is way better
by thedoomslayer123 April 7, 2021
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