The most amazing youtuber alive who does videos like a day with mom , grandpa hates Valentine's Day , nuclear family , and other types of videos out of character. He has been on YouTube since 2007 and has his own show called magic funhouse which you can find on the fullscreen app. You should totally watch him.

Instagram @brandonbored
by jayleen.loves.brandonrogers January 9, 2017
The best YouTuber ever. He has a bunch of characters and will make you laugh until you shit your pants
Guy: Ohhhhh shiiiiittttttttt
Other guy: whatttttt???
Guy: brandon Rogers just posted a new video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Other guy: ohhhhhh shiiiiitttttttttt
by S6rr6w July 15, 2019
The most funniest youtuber in history as well as the most legendary person in YouTube history for making various things such as nuclear family

☢️. magic funhouse and grandpa hates Christmas. BRANDON is probably amazing irl and even more funnier than he already is .🙃🙂☺️😊😉
Me: did you watch that new Brandon Rogers video?
You: who is Brandon Rogers

Me: we can’t be friends anymore 🙃
by AlexXbored October 1, 2019