The sexiest of all beings.
look at that stud! He's definitely a Heise
by HigherThanMost January 7, 2014
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denial of service attack by posting a newstopic on with a link to a specific website. while every dumb-ass will click on the link (dont touch the red button....which one, thiiis? *push*) the webserver will go down for a time x
by rOb October 17, 2003
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(n.)(heised) getting your punk-ass kicked outside of whitecastle
a black-eye, broken jaw; You just got heised, motherfucka!
by 0nceler March 19, 2003
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A Beautiful Brown haired girl. Carolines Always fall for the most popular guy the one who wants nothing to do with them. All the boys she has crushes on have all fallen in love but the one she considered to be her closest friend is the one who wants her the most. Caroline Heises Tend to Fall for boys names Rhys and Connors. They think they have so many friends but then they realize they were forcing into others lives
Girl: OMG who is she talking to

Girl #2: Probably Connor She’s always stalking him

Connor: Oh my GOD why won’t Caroline Catheryn Heise LEAVE ME ALONE

Everyone: She won’t leave you alone because she’s A Caroline Heise
by HoleyCow99 October 17, 2019
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