"dude, if I ever want to buy that car i'm gonna need some heavy pockets"
by jenjenjenjen April 6, 2014
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A Descriptive term used to describe a an individual who may have deficated on one's self with their pants on hence the back pocket; the term heavy describes the fecal matter.
After a shit reminiscent aroma swept through the library one of the students shouted out "whose got the heavy back pocket?"
by Vicious Styles March 2, 2010
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An imaginary patch of strong gravitational pull that causes a person walking home to deviate suddenly from their path and collide with stationary objects such as trees, electricity poles, walls or even roads. Usually associated with excessive alcoholic intake. Generally a heavy gravity pocket is a late evening phenomenon that frequently leads to an Unexplained/Unidentified Drinking Injury (UDI).
"What happened to your leg?"

"I was walking home from the pub and whoooa — I suddenly hit this heavy gravity pocket. It came out of nowhere."
by Botosafado February 19, 2008
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