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A store that sells smoking implements and accessories for marijuana
I justed picked up a fine bong from the head shop in West Ed. Shall we go burn one?
by I got no pants April 21, 2003
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by ecogoth December 30, 2020
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(noun) where you accessorize your ganj
Let's get Cody a squirrel shaped bowl from the head shop
by Fishnets May 12, 2004
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A glass shop that usually sells pipes, bongs, everything hemp and incense, not to be confused with a shrink shop or head fixing(s) shop. In some states everyone has to insist they only smoke tobacco or incense in them, in other states people can be more truthy-ish. And you can get all sorts of CBD wax and tincture and candy in some.
Let’s go to that headshop and get some DAF incense for our mom.
by Milkthistle89 October 12, 2019
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Nickname for a sorority house or dorm.
Man that final exam was a beast, I'm gonna swing by the head shop and try and relax.
by Bob the rat April 12, 2005
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