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A beautiful, young girl that is curious, but also shy and is closest to her family and friends. She loves to draw and is amazing at it. She has dark, dirty blonde hair. Is tall, and is fun to be with. She is the type of friend that you pick you up when you fall. <3
Friend: How are you so happy all of a sudden? Yesterday, you were ready to move where nobody could find you?
Me: Hayly changed my mind.
by unkown2 February 13, 2015
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Red Head, With A bubbly personality. Cute, shy but also very out going. Hayly is a girl who loves to where diffrent socks every day. Hayly gets very defensive when you insult her favourite book series ''Harry Potter''.. because hes a god. Her best friend starts with a D, who loves to bite people ;) .
Bob: hey like your socks.
Fred : they were diffrent yesterday.
Bob: your such a Hayly!
by 123456789987654321-2 January 09, 2011
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