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If your name is Hayli you will follow under all of these categories.
#1. Sexy as hell!
#2. Awesome !
#3. Amazing Eyes.
#4. Amazing Smile.
#5. Amazing Laugh.
#6. Amazing Body.
#7. Good In Bed.
#8. Awesome Kisser ; )
#9. Person You Want To Be Around.
#10. Gets Along With Everyone.
Wow That Chick Is So Beautiful Her Name Must Be Hayli.
by person46575 November 24, 2010
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Hayli is a very gorgeous girl who is very thick and sweet. She is one of the most amazing girls you will ever meet. She’ll always be there for you and help you with everything. She will be your best friend through thin and thick. She will be the best girlfriend ever and always help with your needs and make sure you’re living your best life. She may mess up sometimes but she will never stop loving you. She is a very forgiving person and a very amazing woman. She will never give up on you and will always look at the upside of down. She is a great friend to have in your life and if you have a girl named Hayli, don’t give her up. She is one of the most real, sweet, amazing people who will always be down for you. She’ll stay with you through everything and if you give her up, you’re giving up the best thing you have ever had.
Awe you’re so sweet your name must be hayli
by vroom vroom bihtch June 24, 2018
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A person of the female race who falls under any or all of these catgories:

1. a very absent-minded person who just "isn't there" all the time
2. someone who cannot listen to anything but an ipod without getting confused.
3. a person who often is told (jokingly) that they have a.d.d. due to the fact that they have no attention span
5. is very short
6. known to have so many inside jokes that they often forget which ones are from which friends
your so hayli you can barely see over the steering wheel
by briannaaaa January 24, 2009
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