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Hayat means "Life" in many languages including; arab (which also commonly use hayati), turkish, and hararian ( an east african language) etc.
What is this Hayat?

What is this life?
by lifes key August 10, 2010
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The most cutest beautiful girl you've ever seen. In other words the perfect girl. Shes such a G like shouldn't mess with her, or your gonna get snuffed. She can sometime be mean to you but only if you mess with her, but shes actually a very sweet girl. And she is soo creative and smart too. And they also usually have a smile that lightens up the room. They have most beautiful features like a cute little nose and gorgeous eyes. but like everyone else they do have some imperfection like some ppl say theyre short but not really .Oh and they're very cool never get to mad usually chill . And last of all they respect everyone and dont judge until they get to know the person.
Girl 1: Omg did you just see that girl?
Girl 2: Ya, she must be a Hayat..
Girl 1: I hate those beautiful creatures going around ma hood, making erbody jeaulous and all.
Girl 2: Truu
by damnnngurl December 23, 2012
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It means life in arabic.
It can also be used as the description of the most perfect girl anyone will ever meet.
ouhebha hayat
(i love my life) - in arabic
(i love you, hayat) - in arabic
by MerelyOneHellOfAButler June 22, 2016
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