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Haxor is slang for hacker. As with all slang, hax0r can be used for many purposes.

1) Used as a term of appreciation

2) Humour, insult

3) To reveal the truth that you are a real newb

4) As a war call or to cheer another on.
1) Thanks for hax0ring that three hundred dollar aluminum case so that Zalman fan would fit. I'm glad you have such a handy bag of haxor tools. I know I don't have an eighteen inch set of metal cutters.

2) That newb is l33t h@x0r.

3) i r l33t h@x0r! All that neon light adds at least 15MHz to the system. Serious! Mitnick told me it does on IRC.

4) Haxor! Haxor! Haxor!
by o6 August 22, 2004
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An oval Korean cake. As known as 'Honey Costella'.
Oh man, I got fob cake for lunch again.
by o6 August 08, 2004
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