2 definitions by h4x0r3d

a person, usually claiming to be a "hacker" who uses a another hackers' or programmers' program, or code, to execute the exploit, or code, to gain full access to a computer, and then say that 'they did it'. this can also be contributed to those who use scripts for denial of service, or other attacks, and also claim, that it was of their doing.
yeah man, i hacked that IIS server with ease -or- yeah, yahoo.com just went offline man!
by h4x0r3d December 12, 2003
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the non-numerical version of the word h4x0r3d. Meaning "to be hacked". also, hacking has NOTHING to do with 'just using a program' as the previous definition states, for this, please refer to the definition of "script kid".
man, my computer doesn't turn on, i think it got haxored
by h4x0r3d December 12, 2003
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