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to look at someone or something intently. Much like a hawk staring down its prey.
"buddy did you see that lady just fuckin' hawkin' us? Lets get aidan to shit on her lawn."

by carr October 23, 2005
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Someone who spends the majority of their time at important meetings creating memes instead of doing useful work. Known to later ask for all of the meeting specifics minutes to the deadline to complete the task at hand.
Man, I really hope we don't get a hawkins in our group, or we'll never make our deadlines.

Eric over there can be a real hawkins. He's always on that Urban Dictionary making image macros.
by computerscientits April 03, 2017
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Hawkin' or Hawk. Derived from the bird, also known as a Hawk. When you "Hawk" someone, you are constantly showing interest, trying to talk with them/spit game. Basically, "watching them like a, Hawk".
"damn yo! them bitches is Hawkin' us tonight!"

"these girls just tryin to Hawk a nigga cuz my girl aint around..."

"damn these niggas thirsty! soon as i walk out the house they all straight Hawk me!"

almost like a stalker.
by girlygirlHK May 22, 2010
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To be stuck in a position that is really difficult to get out of.
Taking a dump at your new girlfriends place & it really stinks.

Person 1.
'how did your date go'

Person 2
'bad mate, proper hawkins'

Person 1
'what happened'

Person 2
'I went to kiss her & farted - it stank'
by Maguire68 August 10, 2012
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A man who is typically stingy in his offerings. Occasionally this word is used to refer to a woman, but mostly the recipients of this label are of the male gender.
'Would you like half a crisp?'
'HALF? You're such a hawkins!'
by Gemma Rowlands March 05, 2009
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