To hate violently and without just cause. Inspired by the verb "burninate," popularized by the Web game Trogdor.
Me: Hipsters are stupid, with their stupid clothes and dumbass, ironic facial hair.
You: Must you always hatinate?
by Kehel Talatheen August 16, 2010
Expression of hostility or animosity towards someone.

Expression of hatred or detestation towards someone.
I'm never hatin' on you. Why are you hatin' on me all the time?
by anonymous July 8, 2004
Stands for "hating life." Used primarily during fraternity pledgeship as one does, in fact, begin to hate life.
"Do this or you'll be HATIN' IT!!"

"Man, I am hatin' it right now."
by Beamer April 7, 2004
when I rolled down the hill and crashed into the car... I was hatin' it!
by BB March 14, 2003
To not change your photo on Facebook when its for a good reason...
Brett Lawrence:"i'm not changing my profile picture to some cartoon character.
do something."

Such a hatin' fool
by A non hater December 3, 2010
A phrase you might have heard from Malibu's Most Wanted.

MEANS: don't be a hater

don't dislike somebody because you're not them

Don't hate on somebody because of your jealousy
Yo, don't be hatin.

Why you hatin on me.

Don't hate me cuz you aint me.
by Chanelly524 May 7, 2007
When friends post awesome vacation pictures on social media and you have to hate on them.
Did you see Josie's pictures of her stay in Italy? Man I was doing some vac-hatin!
by colonelsanders87 June 28, 2013