When you put on a hat for a long period of time, and after taking it off, your hair takes the shape of the hat. Usually occurs when your hair is particularly greasy.
-After a game of golf, Malvin takes his cap off-

Oliver: Dude, you've got hat head, when was the last time you showered?
by jun0! November 23, 2008
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when you are wearing a hat for a very long time and your hair then becomes flat and you then look like an ugly turd.
"Woah Bryan put your hat back on, you've got some major hat head!!! Lookin' slightly like a turd.
by YessicaShmallen November 29, 2018
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adjective: the condition of ones hair after removing a hat that has been worn for some time.
I needed to comb my hair because removing my hat left me all hat-headed and disheveled.
by Howard Cook January 01, 2006
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When listening to music, instead of bobbing ones head to the beat, one bobs ones head along with the hi-hat.
Every time that song comes on, he gets hi-hat head.
by toddmyers January 06, 2010
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When a male has sexual intercourse with at least three different partners in a 24 hour period. The act must involve oral sex from the third partner without the male having showered after the prior partners. The act may also include ATM with prior partners.
Tim had a great weekend. He took down four broads and walked away with hat trick head as his final act.
by Richard Hangslow February 18, 2019
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