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Spanish for "until later"; roughly translated as "bye," "so long," "see you later," "later," "take care," etc.

Note: Every reference to this term says something like: It is not a guarantee or promise to be taken literally as "I will see you later" -- it's just a casual thing to say when you part company.
i gotta get outta here -- hasta luego, man.
by beedee February 11, 2008
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A song by English singer and television presenter Harvey Leigh Cantwell (also known by his stage name HRVY) and María Luisa "Malu" Trevejo' (a singer-songwriter, dancer and social media personality born in Havana, Cuba but based in Miami, United States). The video already has over forty-three million views.
Person 1: "Dude, did you check out 'Hasta Luego' yet?"
Person 2: "What the f*** is a 'Hasta Luego'?"
Person 1: *takes out phone* "It's this awesome song by HRVY and Malu Trevejo."
Person 2: "HRVY... isn't that the cute British guy who was on The Vamps' tour?"
Person 1: "Yep, that's him."
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by it's muffin time February 19, 2019
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Offset didn’t care that Quavo and Take off were around, he just decided to “hasta luego”
by Punoe April 09, 2019
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