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A fourteen year old girl who got famous on and for having problems with Danielle bregoli. She is praised by either ten year olds or forty year olds no inbetween. She claims she is “art” when in reality she is just a child who belly dances for fame. She body shames other people even though she has to wear buttpads in order to get attention. She gets in arguments with other people from social media but when it’s time to start using actions, she threatens to sue them and hides in a hole. She makes songs about love even though she’s barely a teenager and tries to rap. She is one of the worst social media stars and should be burned at stake.
“Who is Malu Trevejo?”

“You’re one of the lucky ones.”

“Who is that one Cuban who belly dances for fame?”
“You mean Malulu?”
by Lmfaokys January 16, 2018
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A 14 year old, belly dancing hoe who thinks she's better then everyone just like her mom, who cannot speak English properly at all. Follow her on Instagram @malutrevejo where she posts her ugly ass braids and where she complains about haters and how she claims to beat people up, which is something she's never done. She's all mouth. Catch her trash song coming out aswelll.
Girl: look at that belly dancing thot!
Other girl: Yea I hate that malu trevejo hoe!
by Lululemonthesnake July 26, 2017
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A fast ass, ready-to-be-pregnant ass 15 year old girl who started out on musically but gained recognition for beefing with Danielle Bregoli, another fast ass, ready-to-be-pregnant ass girl. She has over 5 million followers on Instagram and is the epitome of why people hate the millineal generation and generation Z. She sexualizes herself more than Danielle Cohn and talks alot of shit but never does anything, thus why she has beef with many people. She also had a thing with NBA Youngboy but they broke it off, yet she holds onto it like it means something because she wants to play stepmom to his four kids...
Darla: Hey Malu Trevejo put up another picture of her in a thong bikini on Instagram.
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by prttygrl.flexin July 24, 2018
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Most likely a hoe that boy hops, wait let me rephrase that, IS DEFINITELY A HOE that boy hops and steals boyfriends. A malu 100% belly dances for fame and she uses her fans. Not to mention she bodyshames and likes to talk shit and start drama when in reality she's a pussy
Danielle: Malu Trevejo Stole my man Catch me outside 😤😤

Malu: is you DOT BORED

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Malu Trevejo is a hoe who claims to beat people up and starts drama on social media with girl for no reason. Malu trevejo always wants a big booty but never will get one because she's so skinny and think she better than everybody. Malu trevejo wears inappropriate clothes for her age and i don't see how her mother even approves or let her keave the door looking like a hoe and a prostitute. Malu trevejo claims she's a virgin but alot of people think she isn't except her dickriding fans. Malu is not famous she's just well known for belly dancing and getting clout off of Danielle bregoli. Malu and danielle are now beefing i think because malu stole Nba youngboy from her and she didn't know who he was until she found out that danielle was his girlfriend. Malu is the type of girl to suck a nigga dick and move on to the next nigga and so on .. Malu will never get tired of talking shit until somebody actually find her address/location and beat her ass.
Unknown person : Tf is a Malu Trevejo ?

Malu : Meee

Unknown person : Um ew

by Malu Trevehoe June 26, 2018
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