A place in sherman oaks were the secuirty guards kick you out if you dont push in your chair. The place used to be "cool" untill PUNK RAWK 6th and 7th graders took it over. Now people just go there to smoke pot.
8th grader: no um. your gay. bye
by Jessica March 15, 2005
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The Galleria is a fucking massive mall in Houston, TX. It is the 7th largest in America, currently having 375 stores. Most of the mall is built underground, with the top floor mainly at street-level. There are hotel and office towers combined into the mall as well. The entire mall itself is split up into 4 different wings; Galleria I, II, III, and IV, but each wing might as well be it's own mall because this shit is just massive. There are countless designer fashion stores, over 50 dining and restaurant businesses, a 20,000 sq ft. ice skating rink, and basically a store for anything you need. But if you've never been before, it's impossible to find the store that you're looking for without a map. One wrong turn and 2 miles later, you'll end up at the wrong end of the mall. Parking any time between noon to 5pm is just a joke. There are an assload of parking garages too, so if you manage to find a spot, don't forget how you got there or you'll never get out.
Chick 1: Hey, wanna go shopping at the Galleria?

Chick 2: I don't feel like walking 26 miles to find the store I want.

Chick 1: Bitch.
by DudePersonMan3000 September 3, 2010
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Opened in 1970, Houston's Galleria is the original, in the sense that it was the first mall in the U.S. to fuse a mall with hotels and office towers, not to mention an ice skating rink bigger than Rockefeller Center. The mixed-use concept has been used in other malls since then, but this was the first, and therefore important in the evolution of malls. Modeled after the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, Italy. Currently about 375 stores and 50 restaurants.
the Galleria (with a small t) owns all others, except the original in Milan.
by the migster August 13, 2005
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Noun. The Glendale Galleria is a mall in the city of Glendale, CA that is owned by General Growth Properties. It is a big mall, but lacks the prestige of other malls like South Coast Plaza, or the Beverly Center. The Glendale Galleria is dated, depressing and needs renovations. Only locals that are blindly proud of their city (or don't know any better) like this mall. They have a small Nordstrom's, a shitty Macy's, and an Oakley store that is noteworthy.
Ara, bro, lets go to the Glendale Galleria and get some tracksuits.
Armen, lets go to the Glendale Galleria and get some cologne. My Drakkar is getting low. I wish they would sell it in bulk at Costco.
Girl: "Wow, I got stuck in an elevator at the Glendale Galleria and nearly barfed because of the smell of B.O."
by RobYo June 19, 2008
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Malaysia’s modest fashion wear boutique. Once you buy and wear their clothes, you will repeat again for sure!
Jom beli baju Galleria Boutique! Cutting dan material dia selesa, yang penting ada lining, tak yah dah pakai kain dalam 😁
by bbeuaties November 23, 2021
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A Canadian mall in a Polish suburb

& it's technically not a "Mall"
Dey built dat Galleria Mall where da Leonard Post useta be dere.
(Canadian English example: They closed the Sears in the Galleria Mall eh.)
by kingo April 4, 2019
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