Nominee for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Previously served as White House Counsel to the President. Her nomination has come under fire because of a lack of experience and what some Republicans feel is a lack of conservative credentials. She is a born-again, sexually inactive 60 year old woman who looks like Jerri Blank from Strangers with Candy.
Today I nominated Harriet Miers to the bench. Uhhh, you'll just have to trust me on this one.
by PPabs October 9, 2005
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A term for someone who is grossly underqualified for something.
"Did you hear Steve wants to take out his own appendix?"
"Yeah - didn't he fail medical school?"
"What a Harriet Miers."
by Matt Staten October 27, 2005
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George W. Bush's personal attorney. Was nominated by Mr. Bush to take Sandra O'Connor's place as Supreme Court Justice so Bush could have an easier time getting unconstitutional laws passed, but she declined under heavy opposition from Democrats and Republicans alike. A major blemish on Mr. Bush's already pockmarked presidency.
Person 1: Bush's approval ratings are the lowest they've ever been!

Person 2: What do you expect? Turning a trillion-dollar surplus into a trillion-dollar deficit, the Katrina aftermath, the CIA leak scandal and crook Vice President, the 2000 dead soldiers, the snubbing of our Allies, the "internets", Osama still at large, and now Harriet Miers?

Person 1: Oh yeah...I'm starting to understand...
by One Half October 29, 2005
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