A retarded social studies teacher that didn't really know how to teach just stood there and gave her students homework and projects every other week.
(person 1): "Hey did you have homework for Mrs. Bush?''
(person 2): "Oh you mean that retarded social studies teacher?''
by HopedSugar September 14, 2019
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A pedophile in his late 20s who uses the excuse of being a track coach and history teacher to flirt with girls under the age of 18.
Ex. 1: Mr. Bush: "I broke up with my last girlfriend because she didn't know how to iron."
The real reason is because she was probably too old for him, 18 is his limit.
Ex. 2: Mr. Bush has the numbers of all the hot girls on the track team.
Ex. 3: Sally: "When I was talking to Mr. Bush, he was staring at my tits. And I should be failing right now, but I have an 85 in his class." (fake name, real story)
by johnanonymous April 26, 2008
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