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A common misspelling and mispronounciation of the Japanese method of ritual suicide (seppuku) known as Hara-Kiri, meaning to cut or slice the stomach or abdomen.

It was part of the (Samurai) code of honour (Bushido) and practiced amongst the warrior class.
The disgraced commander was ordered to commit hara-kiri for his actions.

Poiter: I'm so depressed I could commit hari-kari.
Jimbo: Isn't that an Indian restaurant?
Poiter: Oh yeah, I meant Hara-kiri.
by Takly October 09, 2009
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You were listening to Chris Brown and you had no f***ing idea what this ment so you decided to look it up.
And them suiside doors
Hari Kari
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1. To commit suicide, especially by dispatching one's self with a blade.

2. To "off" ones self in a passionate fit of rage.

3. An intentional act of self-destruction.
Listening to Kelly Osbourne's singing was like hearing the screams of a thousand vietcong POWs simultaneously having their eyes gouged out with dull wooden cooking spoons while having their testicles smashed flat with hammers; It's enough to make even the most mentally stong person want to commit hari-kari.
by Angelo Vildasol March 24, 2004
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When an NSA agent commits career suicide.
The NSA agent committed harikari when he trusted a military hospital to perform back surgery.
by delusional33 May 25, 2018
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To commit suicide using a blade to stab oneself in the stomach. This was practiced in many japanise cultures including bushido.
"you have no honor."
"then i must regain it."
Honorless man then commits suicide (hari kari)
by potsmoker 420-1337 (call me) October 20, 2007
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Hari Kari is the Norwegian version of the ever so famous Hara-kiri, mostly practised in Japanese regions.
Hari Kari is practised with a cheese slicer, or preferably a binder (both are Norwegian inventions). You stick the device in your stomach to commit suicide when you are tired of all the polar bears running around in the streets, and wearing woolen socks in the winter. When using binders, be sure to poke around thouroughly as it might take some time if you poke only once. For cheese slicer users, slice several times.
Ola Nordmann ran into so many polar bears, that he on day decided to commit Hari Kari on the spot.
by Thomas and Sofie June 02, 2007
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