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Translated from ancient tongues; a name which symbolizes the epitome of natural, unspoiled beauty. Basically, the cutest and hottest thing imaginable. Though the name is rare, if ever in your life you come across one named so, you are truly privileged and should make every attempt to win the heart of this person. Unless this person is already taken. One of the few flaws of a Hareem is that they tend to be sore losers. And may possess CCCCCT, but this is considered a good thing.
1. Wow, look at that girl. Have you ever seen someone so beautiful? She must be a Hareem.
2. This is perfect. In fact, it's more than perfect. It's Hareemish.
by G. o. D. December 19, 2005
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Hareem is the most beautiful girl you'll ever meet, personality and looks wise. Hareem is a name. If you ever meet someone named Hareem, don't let her go, because the person who is named Hareem has a beautiful mind, heart and soul.
Person 1: Dude, that girl's so perfect.
Person 2: Yeah, she's somethin' alright.
Person 3: She's sooo.. hareemish.
by ImOnABoatBiatch November 05, 2009
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a sell out. one who sells out their friends (often for no good reason)
Girl: I'm not doing this dance anymore. Sorry guys
Others: Ooo, what a Hareem!
by SASANUyo December 26, 2008
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