A trend related to the tendency to write in lowercase letters as a means of conveying the easygoingness of someone or something.
Her instagram caption aesthetic follows minisculism.
by applebin September 4, 2020
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anyone called Brandon automaticly have a penis so small you can't see it
Have you seen brandons miniscule penis
Haha of course you havn't its impossible to see
by jhgfgfdfgfgg December 2, 2022
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The World's Smallest Nightclub.... wave goodbye to oversized superclubs, forget overpaid DJs with their seamless beat mixing.....this is somewhere a little more intimate..... with its one in one out door policy......some people describe it as the best clubbing experience of their lives......it's not big and it's not the ministry of sound!!!
'Avin it Tiny....
Punter : what is it?........
Bouncer : it's the world's smallest nightclub- The Miniscule of Sound!
Punter : can i come in?....
Bouncer : no
by Tiny Choons April 9, 2007
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A word made up by Khalid that he thinks is real but in fact he is the basic bitch not Bekim.
Khalid: Bekim your so minisculeant

Bekim: Dumb ass that is not even a real word

Khalid: Yes it is you basic bitch

Bekim: Sorry I don't speak Narnia
by BigBShaaaabz June 3, 2013
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When it's fucking brick in the surrounding area, causing immense shrinkage of one's dick
by CilthyFasual January 6, 2018
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