Haps mean happy or happy birthday , if someone puts on their insta story haps then they would be wishing someone happy birthday
Haps @jakeyboii
by Slitherysnake01 September 29, 2018
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abbrieviation of happening, best usedin a rhyming sentence as shown below
by fidogg April 16, 2004
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Homie Assisted Power Steering. While driving, you need your homie to grab the steering wheel for you in certain occasions. It's really easy to ask for help, just say HAPS yo.
(Driving, and hitting a bowl, or blunt, or bong)

-"Yo Scott, lemme get some HAPS."

~"Werd niggah."

Makes life much easier, enjoy.
by Spoon0313 October 20, 2005
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A shorting of "happening", and used like the slang usage of "scene". This word dates back at least to the 1950s, e.g., it is used in the 1959 song, "Daddy Can I Go to the Hop?" by Eddie Jones and the Cashmeres.
What's the haps? (What's the scene?, What's going on?, What's happening?)
by Old and cranky February 15, 2015
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