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A beautiful small girl with a very big heart, funny and unique urban dictionary did not have a definition so I had to come here to define myself.. as I was saying hansas are attractive queens and princesses who seriously don’t care about negative shit ☺️ Some times hansas get moody and can be very easy to please as they have big hearts...they are currently worth £373927391 million
Hansas are true queens
by Defintions; April 21, 2018
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A gorgeous young female that knows how to get everyone's attention, Hansa has always got along with boys more than girls Things easily bother her. She gets jealous easily but doesn't like to admit it and will try to hide it at all costs. She is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet but she can be emotional and distant. When in a relationship Hansa is the best girlfriend a man would ask for, she's good looking and knows how to make a man laugh, anyone who would give up an Hansa so easily is a fool. Hansa's boyfriend gets jealous and paranoid easily as she gets on with boys so well but will carry on always loving her.
Hansa ? Oh she can always help you out.
by Heisn April 19, 2018
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