Someone extremely intellectual and wise. Alothough he acts a certain he reveals a side of himself that you'd fall in love with and leave you speechless but he doesn't reveal this side to just anyone because he cares about others opinions more than he should.
"Oh my god I can't believe Hanley wrote this paper this doesn't sound like him at all but it's him!"
by Roy McKenzie March 14, 2017
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noun, adj. (disp.) 1. Grammatic perfectionist paradoxically prone to making simple errors in spelling; particularly humble when in error. Adj. 1. authoritative 2. (colloq.) stroppy.
Whenever Cornelia pulled Barries, Anthea would have rather hanley reactions.
by Thingbox June 19, 2006
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an amazing guy who is always there for you. he can be rude at times but in the end it’s all worth it to have him in you life.
hanley is such an amazing guy
by reallyneedtostop December 21, 2018
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One who denounces something as being gay even when it is obvious that the denouncer is clearly contradicting his own thoughts and emotions.

This technique is most often deployed by the complexed/no-one-understands-me hipster/artist type with the motive of making others ponder “Wow, he thinks everything is gay, what DOES he like? He’s so mysterious! Whatever he is into, it must be fascinating!”

The Hanley will often discover that their technique is ineffective, resulting in the hanley’s peers thinking that he is a dick... but then again who isn't?
SNYDER: Are you going to see Slayer this weekend?
MARK: Slayer is gay, i will never go see them.
SNYDER: What the hell is wrong with you! You told me that Reign In Blood was one of your favorite albums!
MARK: Whatever.
SNYDER: Why must you always be such a hanley?!?! I'm going douse you with lighter fluid and set you on fire.
TOMARAYA: This conversation is so fucking gay!
HALFORD: Hey Mark buddy, do me a favor and lick that santorum of my thigh before it drips onto the comforter
MARK: No way dude, that is so gay
HALFORD: Whatchoo talkin’ about? You were all about it last night!
MARK: Yeah, well that was before I realized you enjoyed it.
HALFORD: Stop being a hanley.
by izod13 January 23, 2008
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A grade 8 science teacher with really bad Vagina breath and throw a tempor tantrum if he doesn’t get a crusty from colin
This weird Hanley came up to me today and grabbed my balls
by Hsjaixnsjd May 30, 2018
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