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adj. To act "too big for your britches." To act funky and disrespectful. To get uppity and rude. To "show your ass" - meaning to show the worst side of yourself. A person who doesn't know when to shut up and behave.
Boy, don't start acting all hankty in this house, or you'll get your ass kicked.

Ever since she grew boobs, Mary is acting hankty.
by Rick in L.A. October 24, 2007
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adj: Pissed off; uppity; aggressively excited; ready to fight (esp. verbally confrontational); irritated; bad attitude in response to something disagreeable. Origin is unknown - but usage was way back in the 1970's (approximately 1974). No - it did not start in some "college" in 2003! Was a well known and used expression decades before that.
"I don't care how you feel about what I said, bitch - don't get all hankty and get your ass kicked!"
by magusat999 February 11, 2008
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Hankty: (adj) to be disrespectful, selfish, ignunt, moronic, or act a fool.

Note: "hankty bitch" is a common phrase using the word

Noun form: Hanktiness

Though the word "hankty" may have been in obscure usage before, it was given its current definition by a New Haven theater student in 2003. The word has swept the East Coast.
"Lee-Lee is such a hankty bitch. He came over and ate all my corn chips, and he didn't even ask me if he could. Then he told my best friend I was selfish, 'cuz I didn't give him any damn salsa. That is some hankty shit."

"I've been at this party for two hours and nobodby's poured a drink. This room has a hanktiness problem."
by The Have February 24, 2005
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