Go 'all out' on a surfboard, typically with all ten toes 'hanging' on the front edge.
Justin really knows how to hang ten on those waves.
by Ch'marr May 31, 2005
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Australian term for blowing a fart. Heard this in Sydney.
Golly, I think that sheila hung ten!
by staccato brainstem February 13, 2005
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Originated from the surfing culture to refer to the act of hanging all ten toes off the front of a long board while surfing a wave.

Now refers to the art of kickin’ back and having a chill day.
Responsible Worker: “Man, I am stuck in the office till 9 and the boss just asked me to come in on a Saturday. What are you doing Joe?

Joe: “I am sitting on my porch putting down some frat water…Just hanging ten and living the dream
by J. Bone November 16, 2007
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When engaging in intercourse from behind, one slaps an ass cheek and rides the wave in.
Dude 1: Man you were way hammered last night. Did you go home with that pig you were macking with?
Dude 2: just went back to her place to hang ten.
by Awesome2169 April 7, 2011
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"Is that a sea cucumber in your board shorts or are you hanging ten?"
by surferlover August 22, 2011
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Going to the swamp, and "surfing" on a gator with your toes hanging near the gator's mouth.
Bob: Hey, buddy! How was your weekend?
Buddy: Oh, you know. Just hanging ten on a southern surfboard.
Bob: Damn. How many toes did you lose?
Buddy: surprisingly, only 2. Garry Gator is getting used to me.
by Urbanizationfiltration April 18, 2018
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