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to delay further prospects as by lingering in anticipation of developing events or circumstances; to stay behind; to show reluctance
After class was dismissed, I decided to hang back and try to grab a moment of the teacher's time.
by Scott Fairbairn July 26, 2006
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hanging up on a phone conversation partner just to call back their number to talk to another occupant of the home.
Grace, i'm going to hangback on you to talk to Julia!
You wouldn't!
Watch me!
by Sawyer and Grace April 23, 2006
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A person or thing that is relentless in his crusade against his own personal issues. Hangbacks are seen naturally in Highschool environments only because they are trapped there due to the lack of intellectual stimulation. It has been reported that he was the inspiration for the Make-A-Wish Foundation however no statistical evidence has confirmed it.

When he has been out whitted he was casually play it off as if it was his plan all along but beware he will stalk you for personal information to throw at you in the next encounter.

Your best defense would be a thesaurus because like all Hangbacks, they lack originality.
"i dont live off foodstamps tardfag- Hangback"

"(insert name here) go level tard - Hangback"

"Tardbringer your bad - Hangback"

"(insert guild name here) is full of bads lololololololol - Hangback"
by Toxictouch April 22, 2010
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