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to delay further prospects as by lingering in anticipation of developing events or circumstances; to stay behind; to show reluctance
After class was dismissed, I decided to hang back and try to grab a moment of the teacher's time.
by Scott Fairbairn July 26, 2006

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v.: to sell or otherwise redistribute the composite parts of a whole, as with an automobile or computer system, according to the respective practical or monetary value of each

n./adj.: used to denote or describe an item whose original purpose or function as a whole is no longer viable, but whose constituent parts retain some individual practical or monetary value, as with a "part out" car (often hyphenated: "part-out" car), also called a "parts car"

Context: The parting out of automobiles, electronic computer systems, industrial and agricultural machinery, electrical appliances, medical apparatuses, nautical and aeronautical equipment and other mechanical devices and instrumentation is done as an economical and, incidentally, ecological means of recycling (see recycle) and reusing various components that may otherwise be more expensive or difficult to obtain.

See also: part it out; parts queen
v. usage: I intend to part out my 1976 B210 Datsun Honeybee, since the engine block is cracked.

n./adj. usage: The manager of Fred's Auto Salvage sold me a 1972 Buick Riviera as a part-out, which I towed directly to Sam's Auto Restoration Shop.
by Scott Fairbairn November 13, 2007

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an individual whose technical (usu. computer-based) competencies are notably less advanced than those of his or her peers; a nerd wannabe
The project manager thinks I'm an experienced computer programmer but I'm really just an undernerd learning everything on-the-fly.
by Scott Fairbairn June 06, 2006

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any quadrilateral, such as a square, rectangle or rhombus, with opposing parallel sides being of equal length

Usage: Words such as parallelogram, square, rectangle, rhombus, parallel, equal and length, all well-defined in any proper dictionary, are, as Urban Dictionary entries, misplaced and of minimal benefit.
by Scott Fairbairn September 03, 2008

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