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Large caliber handgun, usually magnum catridges, such as .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .50 Action Express, .454 Casull. Also, commonly in reference to revolvers.
"Marvin, why didn't you tell us there was a guy in the bathroom with a hand cannon?!?" - Vince, Pulp Fiction
by Big Tim July 31, 2003
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huge pistol of some sort I.E. .44 mag, .454 casull, .50AE, .500 S&W
guy #1: check this piece out

guy#2: holy shit that things a fucking handcannon!!
by carlbittner October 25, 2008
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A hand cannon was the mother of all fire arms . It was simply a metal pipe that had gun powder put down it and a rock , or lead ball. It was fired by a piece of flaming rope put down in a open hole.
The first firearm ever made in the world
by scannerfish January 01, 2005
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Short-barrel shotgun (Around 10-12") with a pistol grip. Usually made from cheap breech-load single or double barrel shotguns. (Over-Under models are also used.)
Jon said he carried a gun, but not anything as formidable as a hand cammon!
by ash August 19, 2003
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the male reproductive organ that shoots out semen at orgasm (similar to a cannon) and can be "fired" using one's hand.
i couldn't get any pussy so i fired off my hand cannon during a great porno.
by jason haha woot September 16, 2006
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The common name for the Smith&Wesson Model.600 that fires .600 Action express handgun rounds.
holy shit, that is not a 9 mil thats a goddamn hand cannon, you dumbass!
by Dexter grif September 19, 2006
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When a man commits premature ejaculation as she is direct his penis into her vagina.
Izzy was surprised when she turned his penis into a real hand cannon.
by chand1012 August 21, 2016
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