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a word used in New Zealand to describe someone who is ugly or visually offensive.
-eh bro, look at that chick!
-ew eh cuz she's hamps as
by whaaaat01 March 03, 2011
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n. Someone unimaginably cool
(Comes from the Latin word hampus, meaning "perfect")
I look up to you so much, you're like a Hamp to me.
by HMW August 19, 2004
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Adj. An uncanny resemblance to a person of Asian Ethnicity.
Even though Tyson Beckford is only quarter Chinese, he is still very Hamp.
by 4/\/dR3\/\/ March 05, 2005
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A word used in New Zealand most commonly in TGA decribing someone who is just straight up Mud/Ugly very displeasing to the eye.
*Post on Instagram*
Comment P1: "Styla butha"
Comment P2: "That's all you butha @P1
Comment P3: "@P1 Eh you liar he's fkn Hamps G
by JRawiri November 22, 2016
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geordie word for a scruffy person, a hacky beck or minger
could she not make an effort for going to the pub, she looks like a hamp
by Lloth July 29, 2003
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