Very good guitarist for Metallica. There are better though, like Vai, Satch, Petrucci though.
Kirk Hammett is a very good guitar player and can come up with great catchy solos.
by Richie January 6, 2004
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Guitarist in Metallica.

The guy loves his pentatonics and wah FAR too much.
Somebody slap the silly weapon and tell him to turn off the wah.
Listen to Eryk Ferenc who is miles better than Kirk Hammett
by madetowreck May 20, 2010
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Most overrated guitarist in history. Plenty of speed but no substance. His phrasing is a joke, his vibrato nervous and grating. He is also incapable of bending a note in tune.

Replaced the infinitely superior Dave Mustaine in the early days of Metallica.

Beloved by those who have no imagination or are tone deaf.
"I have perfect pitch so listening to a Kirk Hammett solo is like nails on a blackboard."
by westcoastjonny February 4, 2010
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Guitarist for metal band metallica. Started guitar at age 15 playing in a few bands, most famous are probably exodus, he then was asked to join metallica.

A famous guitarist in the metal world, even though he isn't very impressive, most of his guitar solos are very average and he is praised only because metallica are the most famous metal band.

For some other better metal guitarists, listen to marty friedman or dimebag darrell
by Junglemanchild June 2, 2005
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