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Is a pejorative term referring to individual or groups of lower social class that the speaker considers to lack cultural capital.

While admittedly in Malta, many hamalli live in the southern area, it should be also pointed out that there are also various professionals and business owners living there.

Moreover, Mellieha which should be the other extreme using the 'southern' reasoning is in fact filled with uneducated people who perfectly fit the definition of hamalli. Other places like Rabat, Mtarfa, Mgarr, Dingli etc are also in the North and are filled with hamalli. Also, lets not forget the SLIEMA LAZY CORNER which is filled to the brim with hamalli.
Moreover, with government flats situated practicly in every town and city in Malta, you can be guaranteed to have your fair share of hamalli presence practically everywhere.
In my opinion, a person is a hamallu not by his home address but by the way he acts. Typical behaviours of hamalli are the following:
use foul language,
basic education,
work blue collar or unemployed / businessmen in construction and related or bus drivers
talk with their mouth full
eat while walking
drive cars with stickers which sport exhibitionist statements like male prowess
have over 10% of body surface area covered by tattoos
kind hearted and helpful
approachable and friendly
down to earth
live in a government subsidised home
think their political party is a football team
attend ta’qali football matches
attend ‘il-marc ta’ filodu’ or other festas
interrupt others whilst they are speaking
cannot keep a queue particularly at the iromongery store
litter our streets and pavements
they hunt
attend ‘attivitajiet tal-massa’ (mass meetings, mass protests, lejla maltija etc)
Ara dak il hamallu rema pakett sigaretti fuq il-bankina!

Hallini nispicca is-sentenza hamallu!

by truman81 April 29, 2009
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Please note that the definition stated is severely inaccurate. A hamallu is an obnoxious loud Maltese person but is not necessarily undeucated and to say that they are simply good for picking up garbage and bagging groceries is way too judgmental. A person practising one of the most well respected professions coming from the heart of swieqi, sliema or high ridge (considered the up-class places on this island and sometimes mistakenly so) could be considered as hamalli. So to stereotype people from the mentioned areas and of the specified background as hamalli is highly judgemental and of course inaccurate for the purpose of a dictionary.
A person who swears for absolutely no reason whatsoever can be considered as a hamallu/a
by be exact February 03, 2007
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A Maltese person usually living in the south of Malta in government flats with clothes drying out in their balconies.

The men are usually covered in tattoos and piercings, and work with minimum wage income...or don't work at all and just drink beer. The spike up and gell their hair even if theyve only got a couple of strands left on their head. The women wear 10 layers of make up and clothes too small for their bodies with the brightest colours from cheap, buy 3 for the price of 1 shops, have bleeched hair,and chew gum all day. Both sexes swear and curse like their lives depended on it!

The hamalli kids and teens are typical asses who practically fail all their o'levels and therefore can't get a decent job and end up blaming the government (which not only offers free education, but also gives u a freakin stipend for just showing up at skool - but hamalli still refuse to take advantage of this *shows their idioticity*) for being unemployed...

They usually own beat up citroens who look as bad as their owners do! If they don't own a car, they can be found at the back of the public transport buses...avoid at all costs; if u can't then try avoid making eye contact!!
Hamallu/a: Haq al madoffi dinja, ersaqsli minn fejn il karozza li ma mmurx nifqalek f*xx %l-l£b! ?mm*kk...

Hamallu/a: Aw man ara xnaqa rimmijiet u sound jifqa l'@ll@ armajtilha il karozza...xtahseb?
Decent Guy: Xorta kerha il-karozza siehbi..
Hamallu/a: *Punches other guy* *Arrested*

Places found: Valletta, Birgu, Bormla, B'Kara, Zurrieq, Zejtun, Marsa, Birzebbugia, Marsaxlokk, anywhere in the south...and some are also found in Gozo! Beware!
by yoursweetenemy December 19, 2007
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A Hamallu (male) or Hamalla (female) is an obnoxious uneducated Maltese person generally from the South of Malta. These worthless specimen generally don't even finish secondary school because they believe they're too cool for school, but the truth is their IQ is too low to grasp anything that requires the use of the brain. Hence, realizing that it's virtually impossible to find a job with no education, they start picking up my trash and bagging my groceries.

Hamalli are very similar to the British "Chavs" and the American "White Trash" and "Guidos", in that they wear brand clothing, have greasy hair, and bother other people. The male hamalli generally drive a cheap hatchback car which they modify in order to make it look like a sports car (Just like the British Boy Racers and the American Ricers). The female hamalli generally look like prostitutes (some of them are actual hookers) with three layers of make-up, cheap revealing clothing, and greasy hair.

In general, it's extremely easy to spot hamalli, mainly from their clothing or their car. They usually live in the following towns/villages/cities in Malta:

- Hamrun
- Qormi
- Marsa
- The Three Cities
- Kalkara
- Marsascala
- Zabbar
- Zurrieq
- Valletta (Which is very unfortunate because it's the Capital city of Malta)
- Birkirkara

How to avoid Hamalli:

1) A lot of younger hamalli tend to catch public buses a lot, therefore, if you're here on holiday, it's best to catch a taxi if you can afford it, or better yet, rent a car.

2) Since Hamalli are of the working class, they can't afford to do anything remotely classy. Therefore, it's best to avoid cheap restaurants, bars and clubs. It's best to stick to the more poshy expensive places, where you're guaranteed not to ever meet an obnoxious hamallu.
"Hey check out that Hamallu picking up my trash!"

"Is that an aeroplane? No, it's the engine noise of that hamallu's modified Citroen!"
by I hate hamalli September 17, 2006
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It is very clear that the people contributing thus far to the Maltese street word 'hamallu' are what are know by Southerners as 'pepe' or better snobs - originating from the title 'sine nobilitate' - common, but typically wealthy stuck-up people who typically live in Sliema, St. Julians, San Gwann (not as many today), Swieqi and that side of the harbour as to say. But 'hamalli' are also present in these communities, especially were things have gone wrong.
You need to look at Maltese society in general to understand:

The Nobles - a dying breed, based in Mdina but also present in the countryside palaces and estates. Once powerful, today many effected by having to pay taxes and lack of resources to squander.

The Elite - those who work on behalf of the many who do not, humble, honest, quite well off but pay their taxes and make sure there is enough to go around to keep the nation going forward. - These exist in all communities and there is not North and South divide.

The Pepe (snobs) predominantly in the Northern Harbour area. Children of rich parents who made it well after the 40s and moved to nice residences on the coast. Now they have ended up spending their wealth unwisely and take out loans to keep up appearances.

The Hamallu - mainly proletariat, found in abundance in the Cottonera area but present even in Sliema in areas funnily known as The Lazy Corner. Give priority to all the wrong things in life and always get the wrong end of the stick.
by An Elite April 11, 2014
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