To be completely hammered drunk.
Man, we got so ham sauced after all those Jager Bombs downtown we were so college.
by AMeyers November 19, 2007
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An additive to awesome sauce when awesome sauce isn't flavorful enough to feed the appetite of the highly performing, sleep-deprived, coffee-soaked professional.
The baseball player threw a little ham sauce on that fastball.
by Heathro April 9, 2015
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being sauced/drunk out of your skull.
Dude, Bud shouldn't have slept with that fat chic last night. He was so ham-sauced.
by BudmanOfAlcatraz August 23, 2007
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The slang term used for sauce on honey baked ham, also know as sweet honey mustard sauce.
Whatever, just pass me the ham sauce!
by Chilly Wong October 27, 2010
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To get so drunk that you fall over at the thought of standing up.
Happy birthday bro, were gonna get you ham sauce cheesed!
by White suprise May 6, 2009
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